wireless car wash gun
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wireless car wash gun

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【How to choose the right car washing machine】

1. Gear car washers generally have a variety of gears to choose from, and the adjustable gears are more convenient to use. The principle of the car washing machine is actually to clean the body through the water flow. The more adjustable gears, the more ways to clean, and the better the cleaning effect.

2. Pay attention to the safety of the car washing machine. After all, the car washing machine is a live thing, and the power is also very large. It also needs to deal with water, so safety is very important, especially waterproof. Each car washing machine will indicate the waterproof coefficient on the manual or product homepage.

3. The size and portability of the car washing machine are also very important. Many people like to install the car washing machine in the trunk so that they can be carried at any time, and can be washed at any time after the car is dirty. If you want to carry it with the car, you must consider the size of the car washing machine and the problem of wired and wireless, so as to avoid taking up too much space due to its large size.

Powerful Pressure Washer - The Conpex Car Wash 02 uses a 50.4W motor to produce up to 1232PSI 1.42 gallons per minute of maximum cleaning power. It penetrates dirt and restores your surface. Our pressure cleaners are designed to clean cars, homes, garden furniture, driveways and patios.

Different nozzles are suitable for different scenarios - our pressure washer has 2 nozzles that you can switch depending on the spray angle you need. Smaller, more focused sprays have higher pressures for extremely tough jobs, while wider-angle sprays have lower pressures and are best for lighter or finer jobs.

The Total Stop System and GFCI Protection-Power Pressure Cleaner feature a safe automatic Total Stop System (TSS) that automatically shuts down the pump when triggers are not involved to save energy and extend pump life, with additional protection from the risk of electric shock.

EASY TO USE - Our pressure washers feature a built-in detergent dispenser - perfect for car washing or any other job that requires some sort of cleaning fluid. This electric pressure washer has two durable wheels so you can easily move the machine and clean it with ease. Because there is no need to refuel, it saves the trouble of refueling and the trouble of oil storage tanks.

Portable and compact - our car washer is equipped with a special box, the most scientific space design, minimizes the footprint of the car washer, is more portable and compact, and does not take up space in the trunk of the vehicle, it is travel or self-cleaning The best choice for vehicles.

Customer Support - We offer 1 year warranty. If you have any questions about our pressure washer, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve it for you.




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Q1:How much does it cost to ship to the my country?

A :After tell us your full address, post code and quantity, then we will check the shipping cost for you.

Q2:Can I customize the look of the box?

A :Yes, we support it, MOQ 500sets.

Q3:Do i need to give u the sizes for the 500 already or i can give it to you every before shipping?

A :We can make a detailed order plan to facilitate our cooperation.  

Q4:can we first order some test products?

A :Yes, we support sample order for testing.

Q5:How many sets can you buy to get a lower shipping rate?

A :The shipping cost is up to the quantity, the more you order, the average set shipping cost will be cheaper.

Q6:Can I get a discount if I buy more products?

A :Yes, if your quantity is more, we could discuss it.

Q7:How is your quality?

A :All of products have the CE, RoHS, FCC certification and have good comment from customer.

Q8:What's the best price you can offer?  What's the best price you can offer?  How much is the freight?

A :After tell us quantity and then we check the shipping cost for you.

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