Wholesale price 12V low voltage LED outdoor garden lighting

FR-14 COB best camping lamp, due to its high brightness and excellent color rendering coefficient , you can see the truest colors of object with its illumination, it can be applied to various places, such as outdoor beach parties, camping, night fishing; home garden, garage, daily emergency; factory warehouse, paint factory Workshops, vineyards, farmhouse outdoor lighting etc.


360°light In order to satisfy the user experience of new and old customers, the new FR-14 COB RF upgraded version is launched。You say that the wire of our fishing rod lamp board is rough and looks a bit like a semi-finished product? I tell you, we will make your eyes shine in this new light board. The black silicone lamp board protection frame protects the safety of the lamp board and the user. In this way, when the lamp board is accidentally dropped at high altitude, it will neither be damaged nor let the sharp edge of the lamp board scratch the user. The appearance also gives people more high-end and concise visual effects. The thick silver stainless steel iron can bear 10kg, giving you a full sense of security. ABS plastic bracket connects the light pole to the four-page light board. You can adjust all the corners of the light board that need to be illuminated 360° according to your lighting needs. The 0.5mm² thick black wire allows higher current to support the luminous power of this lamp board, the cost of wire loss is reduced, and the service life of the product is longer. A signal receiver can be installed in the middle of the PVC insulated wire to control the light with remote control. It is more flexible to control the lighting effect, and the flashing effect can make the outdoor activities more fun. This product is also equipped with a high-temperature bakerite cigarette lighter and Battery, a variety of power connection options. Finally, put all the accessories into our high-end packaging bag. It does not occupy space when idle, and it is convenient and quick to use.

Detailed description of accessories:

1. Metal rod: Stainless steel material, telescopic range 96cm/3.5m, 1.2m/5m, can withstand 10kg heavy objects.
2. Road stand :Galvanized iron material, length 85CM, thickness 5MM. It is convenient for placing fishing pole lights on the beach, soil, loess, etc.
3. Black silicone frame light board: The size is 23*11.5cm, the lumen value is 4598, and there are 228 SMD lamp beads. IP67 dustproof, waterproof and anti-dropping make life longer;
4. Adjustable bracket :ABS plastic bracket is an important part for connecting rod and lamp board. Fix the screw on the bracket, which can effectively prevent the loss of accessories. It can adjust the light irradiation angle at will. The operation is simple and easy to install.
5. 5M wire with Clips:The black wire is made of pure copper, with a wide conductor area, a thick insulation layer, and high temperature resistance. Accepting a large current is not easy to melt.
6. Remote control :The advanced APP remote control operation technology is an exclusive design. Remotely control the brightness of lights.
7. Battery clip:50A thickened copper-plated power clip, 0.5mm thick and 82mm long, can be used for car power supply, 12V mobile power engine and DVD mobile speaker.
8. Cigarette lighter: Bright black bakelite material, 10A fuse, can withstand a maximum of 10A current.
9. 120cm handbag: The raw material is 5mmm insulation EPE high elastic material and 600D rubber bottom wear-resistant fabric. Three-dimensional guitar bag, high-end fashion.

Application scenario:

1. Terrace barbecue party;
2. Street art performances, stalls, etc.
3. Road trip self-driving travel lights;
4. Fishing camping lighting/fishing boat lights;
5. Emergency lights, street lights, net red fill light at home;
6. Temporary car maintenance lights, truck unloading lights;
7. Desert camping lights, grassland camping lights, seaside beach travel lights;

Product Number:FR-14COB RF

Product types: Camping lights

Chip size: 210*165MM*4pcs

LED POWER(W):114.54

Net Weight (kg)  :3.1

Length :120cm

Telescopic length :500cm

Packaging: EPE rubber bottom bag

Working under the voltage of DC 12V-14V, so it can be directly connected to a car or use an exterior DC 12V power bank. if you would like to use it under wider voltage, for example, in your home, you need to have a converter to transfer AC 220V to DC 12V