If You Want all Night Light in the Dark, You can Camp with these Lights

If You Want all Night Light in the Dark, You can Camp with these Lights

2022-09-23 16:41:03

A perfect camping trip involves spending the night in the wild, talking with friends all night, or spending a different summer with your family counting stars. Under the vast starry night, the camp lamp is an indispensable companion for outdoor camping.


How to choose a good camp lamp? What kinds of camp lamps are there? What elements need to be considered?




Camping lighting, from fire to torch to oil lamp to steam lamp to today's electric lamp, has experienced a long time. Of course, nowadays, the use of lamps in camping is not only lighting but also a tool and means to create an atmosphere.


Camping lights are mainly divided into three types: steam lamps, kerosene lamps, and LED lamps. Each has its advantages, depending on its own choice under different circumstances.


Steam lamp


First of all, after the kerosene or paraffin oil is loaded on the steam lamp, it is necessary to pump air into the oil pot on the base to generate a certain pressure so that the kerosene can be ejected from the lamp mouth above the oil pot; Secondly, the lamp cap of the steam lamp is a gauze cover made of castor fiber or asbestos which is sheathed on the lamp mouth; The upper part of the steam lamp is also equipped with a hood like the brim of a straw hat. The brightness of the lighting is wide and bright.


However, there are also disadvantages. Like the lampshade of a steam lamp, it is usually made of glass, which is very easy to break during transportation. At the same time, a lot of heat will be generated when the flame burns. Therefore, do not touch it with your hands. It is easy to get scalded.


kerosene lamp


Kerosene lamps have a long history and are complex to operate. Some kerosene lamps are even used in military camps in the past. They are the most retro items in camping equipment. The maximum brightness is about 30 lumens, which generally plays an atmosphere role (please do not use gasoline, lighter oil, etc., see the correct use according to the brand instructions).


LED light


LED lamps are commonly used in camping. Although LED lamps are not the longest in terms of endurance, they are much easier to use than steam lamps and kerosene lamps. They have high safety, no scalding, reliable wind resistance, and can vary in appearance design. They are more suitable for hanging at heights as atmosphere lamps and can store energy through charging and batteries.


  • It is recommended to use LED white light or steam lamp and oil lamp with higher lighting brightness for the main light source.


  • One more headlamp or flashlight can be prepared for an overnight stay. It is better to prepare the battery, kerosene, gas tank, etc. required by the lamp in advance as required)


  • The atmosphere light source can choose LED hanging lights and string lights for decoration. You can buy lamps and lanterns.


  • Light racks can be added for hanging lamps according to the camping environment. When there are many mosquitoes in summer, yellow light lamps can be hung at the height of the light racks to keep away from the tent to attract mosquitoes.


The night not only gives us a mysterious and tense atmosphere but also gives us a warm environment to discover. When you light up the light source with warm colors, this sense of contrast will bring a different sense of beauty. After seeing so many camp lamps, choose your favorite lamp to decorate the night and enjoy the comfort of camping, but please pay attention to safe use!


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