Do You Know the Types of Camping Lights?(2)

Do You Know the Types of Camping Lights?(2)

2022-09-23 17:24:06

According to the fuel properties, it can be divided into an electric lamp, gas lamp, and oil lamp:


Electric light


The advantage of electric lamps is that they can be used on demand, convenient and fast. They are small in size and light in weight. Most of them are highly waterproof, weatherproof, maintenance-free, and have stable brightness. Some electric lamps can also be used as charging treasures.


Novice campers suggest playing with electric lights at first, but soon you will find that just playing with electric lights is not that interesting.




Gas light


The core gas lamp has high brightness and long life. A can of 230g gas can take about 8-9 hours, which is very suitable for the main lamp. It also creates a strong atmosphere, which is easy to attract the envious eyes of friends. However, the core gas lamp still has a certain threshold.


The coreless gas lamp, that is, the candle lamp has low brightness. It is generally used as an atmosphere lamp. Its greatest advantage is that it has a beating flame. There is a saying that "camping without smoke and flame is soulless". When you look at the beating flame at night under the stars, your heart will become quiet.


If you want to have a stronger atmosphere and better photos, it is recommended to prepare some more beautiful gas cylinders for use.


Oil light


We often see its figure in camping videos or photos, because it is very beautiful and effective for taking photos. However, it is not very convenient to carry. After all, you need to carry fuel in addition to lights.


Now when we use kerosene lamps, we usually use butter instead of kerosene as the main fuel, because the butter will not have too much smoke, and it is also very convenient to buy, and the price is also very cheap.


What does the red light of the camping light do?


There are many kinds of light colors for camping lights. Generally, white lights and warm yellow lights are common, and there is also a kind of camping light with red lights. What is the role of red lights for camping lights?


  1. The red light of the camping light serves as a warning. When the red light is bright, it can reduce the disturbance of mosquitoes in the wild while protecting the dark vision effect of human eyes; When the red light flickers, it can also be used as a safety warning signal.


  1. In addition, the red light of the camping light has another role, because the red light has better penetration. On foggy days and rainy days, turn on the red light mode, and you can see the red camping light from a distance, which can point out the direction for yourself and your friends.


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