Do You Know the Types of Camping Lights?(1)

Do You Know the Types of Camping Lights?(1)

2022-09-23 17:20:40

The camping light is absolutely an indispensable tool in the camping life. In addition to the lighting function, the comfort of camping life depends largely on your light. After all, friends who have been camping know that the camp at night is the place where the story takes place.




In terms of usage scenarios, they can be divided into three categories:


Atmosphere light


As the name suggests, the atmosphere lamp is used to set off the atmosphere. Its brightness requirement is also the lowest. The important thing is to have a beautiful shape, which can create a comfortable dining or chatting environment for you.


A common small string of lights like this one is wrapped around the edge of the tent, which has a sense of atmosphere.


There are also small orange lanterns like the Fire Maple, which can be placed on the table. In short, its brightness and endurance are not important. The most important thing about the atmosphere lamp is to have the feeling of seeing flowers in the fog and create an atmosphere where two cups of wine can ascend to heaven.


Tent light


The tent lamp has the widest range of uses and varieties. Its brightness and endurance requirements are medium. Because it is used in a closed environment, a certain brightness is enough to illuminate the entire space.


However, there are several requirements for tent lights. First, they should not be too large, and they should be able to be hung up. Second, their lighting range must be wide, and they cannot only light the bottom or the side. Moreover, they are often switched on and off frequently. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the operating logic of the lights inside the tent, that is, how to turn off and adjust the brightness. You should not underestimate this matter. The lights inside the tent with poor operating logic should not be turned off, It will really annoy you, and you may even have to take it off the internal account and hang it back.


Field light


The site light is mainly used for lighting. It is usually placed at a high place, such as on a tree or a tent pole in the camp. Generally speaking, the brightness of the site light should be high enough, and its endurance should be long enough. As for whether it looks good or not and the operation logic, it is not important to it. Because when the site light is turned off, everyone should go back to sleep in the tent, so it is only used twice a night.


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